Uses Of The Yahoo Search Engine

What Are The Uses Of The Yahoo Search Engine?, or simply Yahoo, is a web services provider that provides both a search engine and a directory of WWW pages organized in a hierarchy of subject categories.

While the Yahoo web portal began as a web directory, it soon added other services like finance, news, and email. Most noteworthy, Yahoo Search is a competitor to websites such as Microsoft Bing and Google Search.

Verizon obtained Yahoo back in 2017. Verizon sold Yahoo, as part of the Verizon Media division, which also comprised TechCrunch, Engadget, AOL, and a digital advertising platform, to Apollo Global Management in 2021.

The History Of Yahoo:

Officially started back in 1995, Yahoo started as the bookmark list of 2 Stanford University graduate students, Jerry Yang, and David Filo. 

After putting their joint bookmark lists organized by different categories on a college website, the list started to grow into an internet phenomenon.


According to the website, Yahoo is the short form of Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

It became the 1st such directory with a huge following. Yang and Filo postponed their graduate work and became part of the public offering for the multimillion-dollar corporation.

Yahoo Services And Products:

In addition to the directory and web search engine, Yahoo account holders can access other services comprising the following:

  • Yahoo Sports is a sports news site
  • Yahoo Finance is a site that covers financial and business news, and
  • Yahoo Mail, which offers free email accounts similar to AOL and Gmail, with unlimited storage

Yahoo also offers weather forecasts, online news, and horoscopes.

What Are The Uses Of Yahoo?

With services and products ranging from movies and maps to technology and photos, Yahoo is more than just another online email service provider; it is a company with specific uses and benefits over other online businesses. 

Yahoo Search
Yahoo Search

Yahoo Small Business, for example, assists you in creating an online store that can earn cash for you. While the Yahoo Store is not free, a lot of other useful free services are just a click away.

Email Like A Pro:

With the standard Yahoo mail service, you can send and receive an email, maintain a calendar, and manage contacts.

All Yahoo mail is one hundred percent encrypted, and you have one TB of storage for holding files and emails. You can also log up for Yahoo Ad Free Mail. 

You will pay a monthly fee for it, but unlike the Standard Yahoo Mail, Advertisement Free Mail does not show advertisements, and Yahoo never deactivates it for nonuse. 

If regular email messages do not seem personal enough, utilize the incorporated Yahoo Web Messenger for chatting with others right from the email page. A few competing email services don’t offer this kind of messaging capability.

Get Some Free Code:

Getting Web applications to work properly in all web browsers can be a little challenging. 

Yahoo, unlike a few Web companies, resolves this issue by providing Web developers free access to the huge Yahoo User Interface Library. 

Having free JavaScript and CSS code, the yahoo user interface has lightweight code you can utilize for building scalable and fast Web projects that can improve the Web pages and make them more interactive.

Discover Advanced Communication Methods:

Although you can send quick messages from the Yahoo Mail page, you have the choice of installing Yahoo Messenger on your mobile phone and PC. 

With that, you can chat with others using a webcam and voice. Messenger supports IM and SMS, and you can share pictures and large files with your chat partners. 

You can also utilize the program for making computer-to-phone calls. A few other services, like Google and Skype, have similar software, but Yahoo’s service is helpful for communicating with different other Yahoo members.

Tap Into A Huge Answer Pool:

If you have any query, it is possible that one of the millions of other users has answered it on Yahoo’s Answers website. 

Go to this website and browse different categories, ask questions, and see answers other users have asked and answered. 

If you log up for a Yahoo ID, you can make an Answers profile so you can comment, answer questions, and vote on answers you see.

Go Social Through Yahoo:

Flickr and Tumblr, once independent photo and blog websites, now belong to Yahoo. Log up for a Tumblr ID to make your own blog posts and share them with the whole world. 

Flickr is a free service where you share and view high-quality pictures with the Flickr community.

Search The Web Utilizing Yahoo:

When you have to know a good quiche recipe or the distance to Mars, enter the query into a Yahoo Search box to find the answer. 

Yahoo also indexes the Web just like Google and makes data from Web pages accessible to Web searches. 

If you log up for a Yahoo account, you get additional advantages, like the capability of viewing the search history. 

One of the benefits of utilizing Yahoo Search over a few smaller search engines is Bing. At publication time, Yahoo makes use of Microsoft’s Bing search technology for performing searches.

Put The World On The My Page:

When you enter Yahoo into the address bar of your web browser and hit Enter, you reach a page that emerges to discuss each possible subject. 

In addition to recent headlines, you will see a Trending Now section that shows the hot topics that are trending as you go to the page. 

Log up for a Yahoo account, and you can customize the My Yahoo page. Choose the topics you would want your page to show and give it a personalized theme and layout.

The Difference Between Google And Yahoo:

Yahoo! and Google are the most well-liked search engines, with the leading market stocks, and both play an important role in the PC software sector. 

They have actually expanded their services and have been using the same technology, but they offer diverse data. 

However, the tools, features, and even search results of Yahoo and Google are considerably different since each business offers a completely separate user experience. Yahoo, for example, has news on the top page, but Google doesn’t. 

Search Algorithm:

Yahoo! and Google both use a set of directions recognized as algorithms. Obviously, the most vital part of each search engine is the discrete algorithm. 

However, the Google algorithm is regarded to be better than Yahoos. 

It’s because of the preference for best-quality material over well-established pages and connections, unlike Yahoo’s preference for well-established and ancient sites.

Tools And Features: 

Both Yahoo! and Google offer their users numerous unique services and tools. 

For instance, the Google Maps tool permits users to find any location and even zoom in to see the real image of the majority of streets, while the Yahoos hotel finding tool permits users to view hotel availability and pricing. 

Yahoo and Google also offer shopping features that permit users to compare prices across various retailers.

Search Results:

Yahoo! and Google not just find web pages, but they also display them. Both rank URLs based on the content they comprise and the data a user is searching for. 

Page ranking is significant since the majority of users desire to get data as quickly as possible and prefer to look at the 1st page of results. 

Yahoo! and Google both index and search the same sites. However, Google offers users accurate and relevant results and offers them fast results. 

In comparison, Yahoo‘s homepage entices users with an assortment of interactive features like weather, sports, news, and so on. Users find it easy to get data and connect to the rest of the world.

Design Difference:

Design in search engines refers to the data accessible on every site rather than the appearance. 

So, for example, if a user looks for a well-known musician, the search engine will show data with videos of the required figure at the top of the page, whereas Google would offer the same results.

Yahoo’s Growth:

Over the years, Yahoo has purchased numerous other companies, comprising Tumblr, Flickr, and GeoCities.

Back in 2008, Yahoo was the most visited site in the US. However, it has since fallen to 4th place, behind Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon.

In 2012, Yahoo chose Marissa Mayer as the new CEO (chief executive officer). 

Mayer, who served as a chief executive officer through 2017, is credited with refreshing the business by bringing in new talent and providing new products, like Yahoo Weather and Yahoo News Digest.

Back in 2016, Yahoo agreed to sell the core business to Verizon for 4.83 billion dollars. The deal comprised Yahoo’s email service, search engine, advertising technology, and digital content businesses. 

However, the deal excluded Yahoo’s 35.5 percent share in Yahoo Japan and fifteen percent share in Alibaba Group.

In 2021, Verizon sold Yahoo as part of the Verizon Media division to Apollo Global Management for five billion dollars.

Yahoo’s Challenges:

Yahoo has also faced its share of challenges.

Back in 2009, Yahoo faced criticism from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for sending the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to notice to the informer site that had publicly disclosed Yahoo’s guidelines for offering its subscribers’ private data to law enforcement agencies.

In 2013, Yahoo saw the biggest known data breach in history, which affected more than three billion Yahoo user accounts. However, the breach was not completely revealed until 2017.

The breach led to numerous class-action lawsuits being filed against Yahoo and a United States Securities and Exchange Commission investigation. 

Because of that, the Verizon acquisition cost was lowered by 350 million dollars, and an agreement was reached for sharing the liabilities associated with that data breach.

In 2016, Yahoo laid off fifteen percent of its staff.

Despite all such challenges, Yahoo stays one of the most well-liked web service providers in the world.

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