Good Free People Finder Sites

What Are Some Good Free People Finder Sites?

How can you locate somebody for free on the internet? 

Selecting one of the top free people search websites can allow you to confirm somebody’s identity or regain contact with an associate in a cheaper, faster way. 

The top people search websites provide sufficient free data for you to confirm somebody’s location and identity while comprising the option of the paid complete background check.

Below, we list the top free people finder websites. Every service offers valuable free data in return for the search.


Top Free People Finder Websites:

Utilizing one of the top free people finders can assist you in getting data for staying informed or assist you in re-establishing contact with somebody you have lost touch with. 

While there are many people finders online today, they are not all equal. See what you can anticipate with a few of the highly rated and most popular people search sites.


When it comes to people’s finder sites, Whitepages is one of the most well-known and popular. It’s been around since 1997 and has over 250 million United States records.

Whitepages offers numerous methods of searching for individuals, including phone numbers, names, emails, and addresses.

You can also utilize it for doing a reverse address lookup or reverse phone lookup. Results comprise the individual’s age, name, past and current addresses, relatives, phone numbers, and associates.

There’s also the paid premium service that provides you access to extra features, like public records, background checks, and contact details for hard-to-find folks.

The user interface is easy to use and clean, and you can really hit the ground running as soon as you land on the homepage.

You just need to enter the person’s name you are searching for and then click on the Search option. Then, Whitepages will show you a list of possible matches.


When searching for completely free People search websites, then not including one of the initial people-finder would be unfair, so ZabaSearch is one of the top people search services available in the market, which was launched back in 2005.

When searching for people, their addresses, and contact then ZabaSearch offers you services at almost no price as it has all the public details in its database.

It has a reserve search feature in the infrastructure where you can begin the search by entering the individual’s name and contact number.

ZabaSearch doesn’t ask the users to fill out a subscription or register to pull a background check. 

Just like all the websites on this list, ZabaSearch’s report also shows you all the private details regarding addresses, phone numbers, ages, names, etc.

A lot of individuals are confused about the relation between Intelius and ZabaSearch. 

When you’re searching for free people search services, then ZabaSearch will guide you in looking for the details, but if you are searching for more privileged services, then ZabaSearch will guide you to the paid service known as Intelius.

It provides totally free information to the public. You can look by name or do a reverse address or reverse phone search for somebody. 

If you’re utilizing the name option, you can also enter the state, city, or zip code if you know them to narrow the results. 

The first search interface is clean and simple, but there are on-page advertisements once you click to get the results.

Free results might comprise name, age, landline phone number, and associated names like a maiden name. 

Furthermore, this people finder is noticeable because it comprises complete lists of past addresses, and it might comprise lengthy lists of possible associates and possible relatives. 

While the site itself doesn’t provide memberships or extra paid results, you’ll locate sponsored results for the background checks on the search results page. 

This site has been suggested by a few reviewers and bloggers and was listed as one of the top 12 sites to locate people online, according to an article on MUO (Makes Use Of). 

MUO noted the site provided in-depth results, although the top results appeared with both location and name.

Truth Finder:

As its name implies, it shows true details about people. On the TruthFinder site, you can check the whole data about any individual. 

Information from the truth finder site is publicly accessible, so you do not have to disburse to see its information. Navigate to the site and enter the person’s name that you desire to locate. 

Aside from names, you can locate individuals by their addresses and phone numbers also. The database isn’t limited because it utilizes public records to increase its database. 

The site can be utilized for locating data about any individual in the world. The search result isn’t complicated, and you’ll get only the correct data about the individuals. 

One great thing about the truth finder free people finder website is that this site works on the self-search feature. 

When you locate data on it, it shows all accessible data on the server. 

Then it does a self-search on the web and social networking websites for more accessible data. So, you’ll be informed if it contains more data.


As the suggests, PeekYou is a people finder engine that allows you to locate people by their username, name, or email address.

It aggregates data from over sixty social networking websites and other public sources of data to provide you with as much information as possible on the individual you are searching for.

The site has been known to be utilized by employers who desire to know more about a potential worker or by individuals who desire to locate long-lost family members or friends.

Its reverse email search feature is particularly helpful for knowing more about the email address’s owner.

You can also utilize the phone number search to know who owns the phone number, although this function is only accessible in the United States.

PeekYou does not need you to make an account, although you’ll have to give an email address to utilize a few of its functions, like downloading an individual’s contact details.

The site also does not run a background check on you when you do check on others, so you do not need to be anxious about your own details being shared without consent.

Family Tree Now:

The totally free people search website, it’s one of the newly released search sites that provide free services to its users. Just like the name, Family Tree Now permits users to connect to their roots. 

The search result has any data related to death, birth, or census record and numerous such particulars. 

It not only permits users to collect data and connect to their family roots but also permits the users to create a family tree according to the collected piece of information.

Family Tree Now is a site that collects data from public resources and shows you a list that might have significant details like associates, relatives, and people related to them as well as addresses and contact details and such types of information.

With getting all the data, cross-checking it is a must, so simply utilize more than one website to be certain of the information you got about that individual.


We in our everyday life utilize Google for almost everything from small data to locating more complex things, and so we ought to begin our witch hunt by Googling it. 

It’s great, to begin with, one of the major search engines that can answer any queries. 

Users can simply utilize Google Plus or Google to get any sort of data which later might assist in narrowing down a few points to utilize in any other search websites.

Google permits the users to pull a reverse picture search that can simply narrow down more choices to lessen the choices a user can search from.


Surprising, yet we all know how much FB can assist an individual in connecting with somebody they lost connection with a long ago. 

It’s one of the top completely free people finder resources, with millions of users increasing per day. 

Pulling the background check is really easy on Facebook as we can search by ID’s name, name, work, school, city, and a lot more options. 

If you’re searching for personal data, then Facebook is the top option, as no other search website simply gives personal data.

The issue we can say is a downfall as a search website can just be that, at times, we cannot access some details as that individual keeps his/her profile private and not public.

If the profit is private, then we can just see access to the data by sending them a friend request and then accepting it.


There are a lot of search websites that are based on business. Two such search websites are LinkedIn and Pipl. LinkedIn is one such free business search website. 

In the world of search websites, LinkedIn is the most known and prominent site as the database has unlimited business-related details and uncountable users, thus making a worldwide connection. 

Because of the worldwide connection, you can collect more than sufficient information about any particular business, from the basic data to the associates to their workers’ position in the business and such details. 

If you’re attempting to locate a search website for business-related data, then LinkedIn will always be at its peak.

A few details might not be shown to you in case you not being registered to keep that individual’s privacy according to their settings, and if registered, then that individual will be alarmed when somebody opens it.


It’s one of the most interesting apps an individual can utilize for looking for anything, whether it’s an individual, knitting design, etc. 

It has over 335 million users, which makes it a worldwide platform connecting the whole world.

People can just sign in or make an account; they can simply enter the name in the search bar, and then hitting enter will display all the names of the individual along with profile pictures. 

Open the individual you’re searching for by simply clicking on their profile.


Locating people on such social websites is very simple to do as almost every individual has an account on these social media. 

Instagram has above one billion monthly active users, so looking for an individual among one billion individuals must increase the possibility of locating them. 

Users can make their account, and if they already have one, then they can just sign in and can just enter the individual’s name in the search bar.

Diverse profiles with the searched name will emerge on the screen, and you can select the individual according to who you’re looking for.


It’s one of the most well-known social networking websites. Because of its popularity, we can say that it’s one of the major networks of folks and hence an awesome people search website.

Its popularity can’t be unnoticed and can be proved by the fact that you can locate almost all your favorite superstars here, even more than on Instagram.

Side note, Twitter can be utilized for improving your knowledge about current affairs as well.

What Do Free People Search Websites Comprise?

If you are on a budget and only have to verify the basic identity details like phone number, address, and age, the free solutions in this article can assist with that.

The majority of free people search websites provide unlimited searches based on phone numbers, names, and other identifiers like residential addresses.

However, free searches do not usually comprise financial solvency checks or criminal records. 

The majority of the solutions comprise the option to disburse for complete background reports, but a premium provider like TruthFinder would be better suited to those with advanced requirements.

Are Completely Free People Search Websites Trustworthy?

These days there are a lot of sites that provide us with the opportunity to locate individuals for free. To locate the identity of any individual, you can utilize completely free people search websites. 

These websites collect data from government registries, public records, and social networks.

The majority of the top people search websites are dependable. In this article, we only added such websites which show true search results and do not waste your time. 

Anybody who utilizes the internet has open access to locate any individual utilizing a people search engine; for free, you might get most of the data about any individual. 

If you do not see complete details on a single website, then you ought to check details on other websites. 

All websites have diverse criteria to show details. So, by going to diverse free search websites, you can gather details about any individual. 

Individuals leave their traces online while going to diverse sites. Such free people search engines gather information from all accessible sources and show you. 

The majority of individuals utilize the internet, so there are high probabilities that you will get data. 

Few individuals still do not utilize the internet, so it’s almost impossible to locate data about them. A few paid websites claim that they show details about any individual but do not fall into this trap.

How To Utilize Completely Free People Search Websites?

To know about individuals on such completely free people-search websites is not difficult.

On all websites, you can find a search bar where you can enter the name of the individual you desire to locate. 

Also, you can utilize other locating terms such as address and phone number. Such best free people search websites are one of the simplest methods of locating somebody. 

Such sites gather information from all across the internet to show results. Utilizing a search site from this article, you’ll come across some helpful information. 

The internet is a simple method of locating somebody. Such sites have an enormous database that provides diverse data about people. 

Individuals who utilize social media are simple to locate on such websites, but it becomes difficult when they do not utilize any social media, does not surf the web, or never leave a digital footprint. 

All completely free people search sites have diverse data. Their information collection sources would be diverse. 

So, it’s common for you to see diverse data on each website. Like a few would not show phone numbers, and a few would not show addresses. 

A few free people search sites just show limited data, and to show complete data, they charge cash as a paid subscription.

The Advantages Of People Search Websites:

  • Fact-Check Somebody:

Whether you are vetting a potential employee or tracking down your childhood friend, a people search website can put you at ease by confirming somebody’s online profile, phone number, or location.

  • Have Data In One Place:

Accessing somebody’s public records on one platform is helpful, particularly when a provider aggregates personal data and social media information.

  • Save Time:

A people search site with instant access to public records can save you so much time compared to manually researching through social media and Google or liaising with public institutions.

What To Remember When Searching For People Online?

You may not think much about it when attempting to locate people online, but there are numerous things to remember throughout the search:

  • Public Details Is Public: 

Any data located online is inherently public just because it’s been located in public databases, blogs, directories, message boards, forums, etc. Small tidbits put together can append up to quite an impressive whole.

  • There Is No Magic Bullet: 

While there surely does exist a wide variety of data on the internet, there is no one website that is going to provide all of it to you, nor is one simple search query gonna do so. 

Locating somebody online, particularly somebody who you have lost touch with or who does not leave much of a trace on the internet, needs persistence, diligence, and patience to be successful. Even then, though, your time might prove to be unhelpful.

  • If They Can Locate It, So Can You: 

Sites that promise to provide full background checks for a one-time fee are not all bad because they typically do an excellent job at collecting all the public data together into one cohesive page for you to see. 

However, you do not need to disburse to locate people because everything such services locate is also accessible to the public (you) if you want to do the work manually.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Can You Locate Somebody’s Identity Using Their Contact Number?

Nowadays, spam calls are more common. When such calls occur during work, it becomes a really annoying situation.

You might take a subscription to paid websites and applications to find out somebody’s identity, but you can utilize free websites also to find out who’s calling.

Q: Is Truth Finder Legit?

TruthFinder is a popular website for running background checks on individuals. TruthFinder is utilized all across the United States.

TruthFinder is a legit website that scans public records to learn the details about the individual. It also checks social networking site information. You get a wide background check of the individual within a minute.


On the web, you can locate any data. When you look for folks, you get various results, but to get the correct details, you have to utilize such completely free people search websites. 

In this article, we’ve added only those websites which are free and never cost anything to show data.

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