Remove The Yahoo Search Redirect On Chrome

How Can I Remove The Yahoo Search Redirect On Chrome?

When you utilize the internet browser for searching for something, you might find that the web browser is redirected to Yahoo Search.

Why does this problem happen? 

Do you know how you can remove Yahoo Search?

In this guide, we’ll show you the causes of this problem and how you can get rid of Yahoo Search utilizing diverse methods.

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Why Is The Web Browser Redirected To Yahoo Search?

Yahoo Search is the search engine. It’s legitimate, as you know. But a few internet browser hijackers can redirect the search queries to 

It’s abnormal because it frequently denotes that a browser extension or malicious program is installed on the PC.

This problem can occur on diverse internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and a lot more. 

You’ll say you do not download any strange programs on the PC. Where does the malware come from?

When you click on an ad on the web browser by mistake or install a program that has bundled a program, this problem can simply occur. 

So you ought not to click on any ad on the internet browser. When you install software, you ought to check prudently to exclude the bundled program that you do not desire to utilize.

However, if the web browser has already been redirected to Yahoo Search, you have to take measures to remove it. 

How can you get rid of Yahoo Search? In this guide, we’ll show you a few guides on how you can get rid of Yahoo Search from Google Chrome. If you’re utilizing some other internet browser, these ways can also work.

How To Get Rid Of Yahoo Redirect Virus From Google Chrome?

Getting rid of the Yahoo search engine from Google Chrome is gonna assist in getting the default search engine back. 

However, you need to get rid of the core of the issue so that the hackers do not change it again. This step-by-step post will assist you in resolving the problem:

Preliminary Step: Check Google Chrome For Any Suspicious Web Browser Extensions And Restore Google Chrome’s Default Settings

Before assuming you’ve got a virus on the PC, it is a great idea first to try resolving the Yahoo! redirect problem by getting rid of any suspicious web browser extensions.

To get rid of any suspicious web browser extensions from Google Chrome, follow the below steps:

  • First of all, click on the three horizontal dots (⋮) from the top corner of Google Chrome.
  • After that, click on Settings > click on Extensions.
  • Next, check for any extensions that you do not recognize (or that have emerged all of a sudden).
  • Now, click on Remove.

Next, you ought to reset the web browser’s search settings to the default options. To do so:

  • First, click on the three horizontal dots (⋮) from the top corner of Google Chrome.
  • Now, click on Settings > click on Search Engine.
  • Then, select the preferred search engine.
  • Click On startup.
  • After that, simply click the checkbox next to the preferred startup option. I suggest choosing the Open the New Tab page option.

Chrome ought to now be back to normal. However, it is still a great idea to perform a virus scan utilizing an antivirus program. 

It is because if you do have a web browser hijacker installed on the computer when you next close Google Chrome or reboot the PC, it’ll hijack the web browser once again and reconfigure the settings to redirect through the fake Yahoo! Page yet again.

Step#1: Set Google As The Homepage

Chrome permits you to set a particular page as your default homepage in the internet browser. 

By default, it is set to open the new tab page. However, you can simply change it to a particular page in the Google Chrome web browser. Here is how you can do so:

  • First of all, navigate to Google Chrome on the PC > click on the More menu from the top.
  • After that, choose Settings > to choose on startup from the left sidebar.
  • Now, click on Open a particular page or set of pages from the On startup menu.
  • Then, enter the Google search address and close the tab.

From now on, Chrome will utilize the suggested particular page when you open a new tab.

Step#2: Get Rid Of The Malicious Software From The PC

This fix is simply to uninstall any malicious program from the computer. You can simply utilize the universal software uninstallation procedure to do this task.

  • First off, click on Start.
  • After that, navigate to Settings > Apps > App & features.
  • Now, scroll down in the programs’ list to locate the malicious software. Then, you have to click it and choose Uninstall.
  • Then, simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation procedure.

Step#3: Make Use Of An Anti-Malware Program

Sometimes, it’s hard to utilize the ways mentioned above to get rid of the malware. In this situation, you can try an anti-malware program. 

We’ll show you a few options. You can choose the one you desire to utilize for getting rid of malware from the PC.

  • Malwarebytes:

It’s a free tool that can be utilized for scanning the PC for malware and viruses. It’s a really popular program that has a lot of users. 

You can first try it to check whether it can locate the malware and assist you in removing Yahoo Search.

  • HitmanPro:

If you still doubt there’s malware on the PC after utilizing Malwarebytes, you can check out HitmanPro for scanning the computer again to check whether it can locate any malicious program and then get rid of it if there is any.

  • AdwCleaner:

If both HitmanPro and Malwarebytes do not work for you, you can check out AdwCleaner. It’s also a well-known anti-malware that can assist you in locating the malicious program you desire to get rid of.

Step#4: Reset The Internet Browser’s Settings

The Yahoo hijacking program also can be triggered by a web browser extension. Thus, you can reset the browser’s settings to get rid of Yahoo Search.

  • First of all, launch Google Chrome.
  • Then, click on the 3-dot menu and navigate to Settings.
  • After that, click on Advanced from the left list > choose Reset and clean up.
  • Now, click on Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • Click on Reset settings from the popup.

Those are some ways of removing Yahoo Search. You can check them out to assist you. 

How To Prevent Windows From Installing Unwanted Applications?

It can be really tiring to keep getting malware on the PC. Fortunately, you can take some steps to ensure that the device does not get infected anymore:

  • Get a dependable antivirus program that performs regular scans and provides real-time protection. Like this, not only are you gonna evade downloading suspicious files, but the antivirus program will also inform you about dangerous sites.
  • When you download something, research whether the app is dependable. Be careful and try to download files just from official sites.
  • Make certain you update the device and program. It’s significant because updates can comprise security patches that older versions lack.
  • Utilize a safe internet browser. Yes, an internet browser also plays a part when it comes to protection. A few of them provide safety features, like malware and phishing protection or add-on installation warnings.

Frequently Asked Questions Sections:

Q: Is Yahoo! Redirect Virus Dangerous?

This virus is harmful for various reasons. First, it is a web browser hijacker and likely gathers your information without you knowing, distributing it to shady 3rd parties. 

The virus creators can also redirect you to a fake Yahoo! version, where you will likely come across a lot of dangerous sites having malicious ads and malware.

Furthermore, the Yahoo! redirect virus might indicate a more significant malware threat (like a Trojan or PC worm) on the computer.

If the web searches are redirecting to Yahoo!, it is essential to follow the steps given above and utilize a reliable antivirus program for scanning the computer for any malware and getting rid of it.

Q: Is Yahoo! A Virus?

Yahoo! is not a virus. It is a legitimate business formed back in 1994 that comprises a search engine, news site, email server, and more. 

However, because of Yahoo’s popularity, cybercriminals take advantage of it and make fake phishing web pages and emails pretending to be Yahoo.

Such fake pages have adware, viruses, PUPs, spyware, and a lot more, and it permits cybercriminals to steal your information, damage the PC, and slow it down with annoying popups and ads.

If you suspect you have come to a fake version of Yahoo, the best bet is to scan the PC utilizing an antivirus program and make sure you did not download any malicious software.

Q: How Can You Get Rid Of Yahoo! Redirect From Mac?

If the searches redirect to Yahoo on Mac, you can follow a few quick steps:

  • First off, get rid of suspicious extensions from the web browser. To do so in Safari, first, click on Safari > Preferences > go to Extensions > locate the suspicious extension and click on Uninstall.
  • Then, download secure antivirus software for Mac.
  • After that, run a complete disk scan and wait for it to finish.
  • Now, go through the quarantine folder and get rid of any dangerous malware files.


The Yahoo search engine emerging out of nowhere is super infuriating. It is a result of a web browser hijacker changing the web browser settings. 

Fortunately, you should not be anxious too much, as it is not that difficult to get rid of it. I would suggest following this guide to clean the device from malicious apps. 

Make certain you secure the device from future intrusions by evading unverified files and getting a reliable antivirus program.


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