Search Engines That Search For Faces

6 Fascinating Search Engines That Search For Faces

Are you curious to know if there are folks out there who look just like you?

You can utilize a face search to locate similar faces. 

Facial recognition technology can also assist you in locating online profiles based on footage from video stills or cameras. 

Luckily, you do not require any costly software for the reverse image search. From identifying contact numbers to locating lookalikes, search engines can do many amazing things for you. 

You can utilize a face recognition search engine to scan the internet for similar faces. If you have never heard of the face search engine, though, we will tell you which face search engines you can utilize.

Google Images Search:

One of the best places to do a reverse image search on faces is Google Images. 

It is the longest-running tool for reverse image searching, and there is no sign that it is going away soon, unlike the majority of other face search services.

  • On the main page of the Google Images tool, all you have to do is choose the cam icon from the search field > choose the Upload an image option > Choose File to upload the profile picture. Google will search the web for two groups of results.

The first set of results is pictures online that look similar to yours. You will see many other individuals that Google feels are lookalikes. 

It’s actually a little strange. I also found it fascinating that the image results aren’t matching pictures (where the site posted the image), but only similar pictures of individuals that look like you.

Conversely, the search results are site links that host the picture of yourself that you have uploaded. Such results are accurate and extensive.


It’s actually equal to Google in Russia but is not really well-liked anywhere else. It works pretty much the same as Google, even in terms of face image search. 

I did a face image search using this tool, and to my surprise, the search results were more precise than Google’s.

  • First of all, navigate to Yandex Images.
  • After that, choose the camera icon from the right corner of the search bar.
  • The same as Google image search, you will have the choice to search for a picture by inserting or URL or uploading the file.


It’s also a reverse search engine that functions great for face searches. To upload the picture, choose the up arrow icon from the search field. 

Upload the profile picture, and you will see a list of search results showing different web pages that have that picture on their page.

TinEye does not bother with picture results. The whole set of results comprises just the URL links to web pages that have the picture you have uploaded. 

It functions well for face searches and any other picture you might desire to see where it has been posted online.

Do not be astonished if you know that your picture is being utilized somewhere and TinEye does not locate it. 

TinEye mentions on its FAQ page that it is incapable of crawling numerous sites. TinEye is not the most competent tool, but it ought to get the work done.

Bing Image Search:

Bing is actually Microsoft’s search engine and one of Google’s major competitors. 

Bing has much going for it, and it also provides a reverse face search you can utilize for searching for similar photographs online. Like Google, Bing does not display matches, just similar photographs. 

However, unlike Google, Bing just shows similar photographs and not the URLs that have similar images. Plus, Bing does not locate as many search results as Google.

  • First of all, navigate to Bing Images.
  • After that, begin by choosing the camera icon from the right of the Bing search bar. You can either take a picture utilizing the camera, upload an image, or paste a picture URL.
  • You will see the search results appear automatically. 

Pinterest Image Search:

Another tool you can use to perform a reverse face search online is Pinterest. A reverse image search feature is included in each photograph on Pinterest.

It is easy to make use of. All you have to do is open the picture page on Pinterest and choose the magnifying glass icon from the bottom corner of the picture. It’ll search Pinterest for all pictures on the website that are similar to that one.

If you are hoping to see if your own picture has been published somewhere else on Pinterest, you will first have to pin your own profile picture. 

Then, do a similar image search utilizing the method given. You will see both matching pictures, as well as any images on Pinterest that look similar.

Even if there are not any pictures on Pinterest that match yours, it is a fascinating way of seeing what other folks on Pinterest think you look like.


If you desire to locate your celebrity lookalikes, make use of PicTriev, so you do not need to look through countless other social media pictures of folks who look similar to you. 

It’s an image search engine that was created with the only purpose of locating celebrities that look like you. Unlike Yandex and Google, it does not have any other search tools. 

However, its algorithm does have a meter that attempts to determine how feminine or masculine an individual looks in the photograph and estimates their age. 

For doing a search, you will require a picture that is less than 200KB in size and in jpeg format.

  • Navigate to PicTriev.
  • There is no search bar like Yandex or Google. The choices to upload the photo sit halfway through your screen. Insert a URL for the image or click on the Upload Image button. Next, choose Search. 

PicTriev will utilize its search technology and provides you with a list of ten celebrity lookalikes. If you do not know who that superstar is, click on the photo, and it’ll take you to their Wikipedia page. 

The facial recognition search engine also provides you with a percentage of how feminine or masculine your face looks in an image and estimates the age.

Evade Paid Face Search Services:

A lot of tools offer to locate individuals by photograph, but just a few are trustworthy and free. 

Social Catfish, for instance, shows itself as a complete image search engine that digs into forums, social networks, and other online networking websites.

Once you have done a search with potential matches, however, you will not see the search results until you disburse a fee. 

The majority of such paid services fail to provide search results that are considerably better than the free tools mentioned above, so it is great to avoid them.

If you have been attempting to uncover copyright infringements, identity thefts, or worse, using such tools, contemplate professional assistance instead.

How Old Do I Look?

If you desire to try a diverse take on image search technology, check out Microsoft’s It is a simple website but addictive. 

Just upload the image to the website and let Microsoft’s age-guessing technology do the job; trying it with a few old photographs through the years proved the technology. 

The website was capable of guessing the age within just some years of accuracy. Check it out for yourself and see just how precise it is.

Do A Face Search For Fun:

The sites mentioned here are free and work well. However, if you desire something more powerful, contemplate utilizing a tool like PimEyes. 

In the majority of situations, however, you would not require a heavy-duty or paid tool, particularly if you are just killing time.

Even if you do not suspect a scam, performing a face search can be a good great way of killing some time. 

It is fascinating to learn who else has a face similar to you. If you do end up locating your name on unwanted sites, there are some things you can actually do to get your name off such places.

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