Does The Dark Web Have A Search Engine

Does The Dark Web Have A Search Engine?

There is a huge chunk of the Internet that is un-indexed and hidden on traditional search engines.

To access that part of the online world, you will require a dark web search engine, and that is only one part of the equation.

Here is everything you have to know about accessing that un-indexed part of the web and the most well-liked search engines for the Dark Web. 

What’s The Dark Web, And How To Access It?

The dark web is a concealed part of the WWW containing sites that aren’t indexed by traditional search engines. 

Such sites, which account for approximately forty-eight percent of the Internet, work on a randomized network structure and are further hidden by numerous security measures, such as firewalls and encryption. 

Dark Web Vs. Deep Web:

The dark web is the subset of the deep web that sits on particular networks.

Unlike most of the deep web, it is not regulated by any government, organization, or business and can just be accessed through special tools, such as the Tor web browser.

The deep web, which makes up about ninety percent of the WWW, is much broader and is basically the invisible part of the internet.

Email accounts, sensitive health records, classified government details, and personal banking portals are all sections of the deep web.

Does The Dark Web Have A Search Engine?

Of course, it does! In fact, it has numerous; if it is Tor, you are referring to it. (It is astonishing how many individuals think that there are no search engines available on the dark web, in fact.) 

As a few others say, there are also many link lists, but the issue with a few of them is that they are not always updated.

How To Access The Dark Web?

The easiest way to the dark web is by using the Tor Browser.

This web browser routers the traffic through the Tor network, which has diverse routers, known as nodes, that encrypt the details and hide the IP address and any other identifiable data.

Simply put, this web browser makes it impossible, or at least really hard, to identify Tor users. 

If you want to access the dark web and do not mind a slightly slower web browsing experience (because of the routing of information), you can download the Tor Browser from the Tor Project site. 

It is accessible for MacOS, Linux, and Windows, and there are also Tor browser applications for iOS and Android accessible on the App Store and Google Play. 

For additional safety, it is great first to turn on the Virtual Private Network (VPN), a practice that is recognized as Tor-over-VPN, and if you desire to download any files, you will also have to have a good antivirus program.

Top Dark Web Search Engines In 2023:

Below you will locate dependable dark web search engines that’ll assist you in accessing spooky yet fascinating content. 

However, while they have a proven track record of serving Tor users, there is always a little chance they might harbor malware or other surprises. 

Therefore, before visiting the dark, take the top VPN to give you composure. So, get the top dark web search engine links and browse securely.

DuckDuckGo; Dark Web’s Google

If you are searching for the top dark web search engines, this one tops this list. What sets this search engine apart from the rest is that it doesn’t track any of the users. 

Privacy-conscious people will feel right at home using DuckDuckGo, and dark web users will profit from it because of the many anonymity features. 

Contemplating the fact that DuckDuckGo is the default search engine of TOR, its significance can’t be denied.

If you are an individual who is really concerned about privacy, here is something to put it into perspective: while other search engines, such as Google, can track each move that you make, as the favorite dark web search engine, DuckDuckGo, does not. 

Even when you are not utilizing a search engine, there are still trackers that are tracking the online activity of users each second, dedicated to utilizing your information for sending you targeted advertisements.

DuckDuckGo is, in our opinion, the top dark web search engine that will allow you to escape this tracking altogether and enjoy unbiased data integrity and tracking results.


It is one of the most known and oldest dark web search engines. 

With an archive of over 400,000 pages, it does a really good job of sifting through the dark web content and returns a lot of related results for almost any query.

It is easy to utilize and provides unrestricted and uncensored web search results. But that also denotes that you may come across malicious sites. 

Also, it is quite fast, so you would not need to wait long for pages actually to load. The only irritating thing is the obnoxious advertisements on the front page. 

However, the profit from such ads goes into the maintenance and support of its servers.

Not to state, the folks behind this search engine take privacy seriously as they try to stop any web tracking. 

So, if you are ready, venture into the unknown using the Torch search engine.

This search engine could be considered the top dark web search engine because it permits people to access dark web links utilizing a web browser such as Chrome. 

Eventually, you might require TOR to access such links, but at least it’ll allow you to check out links fast like this.


It’s one of the top Tor search engines that boast a major number of indexed websites than any other deep web search engine.

With over 1.5 billion pages and over 260,000 sites, this search engine reaches the onion network’s parts that other searches cannot. 

More significantly, it’s fast and assists in protecting your identity and privacy. It doesn’t track information, and if you go premium, you will not be shown any advertisements, and you will get extra data insight.

notEvil Dark Web:

This search engine is all about simplicity; in fact, it was actually modeled after Google. This dark web search engine takes the cake for its neatness, simplicity, and design. 

Modeling Google’s old motto, “do not be evil,” this search engine does its best to provide you with complete search results from the database of over thirty-two million addresses and sites.

Ever so slightly less powerful than the cult-favorite DuckDuckGo, because it’s unavailable to open web people, it’s still one of the top dark web search engines to switch to when you are looking to search .onion websites and check areas left unchecked.


It is the darknet search engine and the web crawler for Tor.

It has more than a hundred thousand web pages, the majority of which comprise marketplaces and forums.

It is minimalistic and resembles Google, which holds over eighty percent of the search engine market, with a big search box in the middle that cannot read characters such as parenthesis and quotation marks.

Compared to Google, it provides fewer functions and is smaller but relatively fast and effective.

The Hidden Wiki:

It prides itself on providing dark web users access to noteworthy links to dark net markets, forums, and shops for folks looking to access hidden content privately.

The major selling point between Hidden Wiki and its counterpart search engines is their concentration on making sure that the links they share belong to certified personalities. 

It’s really significant to contemplate the large number of scam websites that continue to appear on the dark web.

Actually, whenever the user makes a search query on regular search engines, they’re most likely gonna come across more than ten spam links that might predispose them to grave cyber security danger.

By the time the same users succeed in locating a genuine site, they’d have wasted a lot of time sieving through the tonnes of garbage links.

Hidden Wiki’s support team is, therefore, critical in their data collection procedure. 

It all starts with recognizing any emergent links, which are accordingly profiled before being indexed on the main page of Hidden Wiki.

The search engine has also taken the freedom of categorizing dark web links for users’ accessibility. 

Once you go to Hidden Wiki, you’ll find how simple the procedure of dark web searching can get.

Deep Search:

It is the brainchild of a bunch of students aiming to build a search engine that is unique and effective.

It has a one-of-a-kind ranking system, features a long list of exchanges and marketplaces, and filters illegal content. 

It is simple to use, advertisement-free, and constantly working to append more restricted, dark web forums to the search results.

People can also make an account that allows them to give feedback and suggest new onion websites for indexing.


Recon is one of the top dark web search engines for shopping. 

It covers around forty active marketplaces and 21,000 vendors and permits cross-referencing vendor details, statistics, listings, and marketplace addresses.

It also provides promotion tools for markets, vendors, and other services through listing promotions and marketing banners in the product search.

Once vendors make a profile there and upload the first post, they can see notifications from their followers. Users, conversely, can stay updated with their preferred vendors.  

Onion URL Repository:

The Onion Repository is a straightforward and basic onion search engine site; however, it has over one million unique dark web search engine indexed pages and URL results, making it exceedingly easy to discover a large variety of tor address Dark Web sites.


It works similarly to the Tor search engine in that it seeks to provide something back. Ecosia, like Google, sells marketing space on the search results pages. 

The difference here is that Ecosia then spends a huge portion of the funds on tree-planting efforts around the world. They also contribute to numerous environmental projects.

Things To Contemplate When Browsing The Dark Web:

The dark web is a mainly unregulated part of the web, which makes it a dangerous place for the casual web browser.

If you want to protect yourself when surfing the dark web and stay out of trouble (internet service providers are frequently on the lookout for Tor use), here are a few things you can do to improve online security and privacy:

  • Always utilize a VPN before launching Tor. A great dark web VPN will protect the information and hide the dark web activities from the internet service provider.
  • If you are purchasing products, make certain you are getting them from a dependable source. 
  • Do not click on links that look suspicious or are not familiar. Scam pages are a common thing on the dark web.
  • Evade downloading files from the dark web. There is a strong possibility that the file you download is malware-laden.
  • Always utilize 2-factor authentication to protect yourself from attacks.
  • Do not utilize a personal email address on the dark web. If you have to utilize one, make a diverse email address from the privacy-focused service. 

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Is There A Deep Web Search Engine?

Yes, DuckDuckGo is one of the top deep web search engines that provide deeper web content than Google. 

For finding its search results, it aggregates search results from over five hundred independent search tools.

Q: Is Tor Web Browser Illegal?

In brief, it’s not illegal to utilize the Tor web browser. However, utilizing the Tor web browser for activities that are already unlawful would again be illegal. 

Users have to only utilize the Tor browser for legal activities. Furthermore, one ought to practice great caution when utilizing the Tor web browser for going to the dark web since the dark web can be an unsafe place.

Q: Where Can I Locate Dark Sites To Visit?

The dark web is far harder to surf than the surface web. It’s due in big part to the unusual and seemingly random links located on the dark web pages. 

Luckily, certain index sites, like the Hidden Wiki, recognize and organize dark web connections. 

Q: Is It Legal To Browse The Dark Web?

Yes, it’s totally legal to browse the dark web. For example, whistle-blowers can utilize the dark web to expose malicious activities without exposing their own identities online. 

Still, the dark web can be a risky place if good precautions aren’t taken. That’s why people ought to use a VPN service for accessing the dark web.

Q: Which Web Browser Is Safe For The Dark Web?

The Tor web browser is a reasonably safe internet browser for accessing the dark. It provides all the essential security protocols for keeping one safe from the dangers of the dark web. 

Also, the DuckDuckGo internet browser can assist since it features strong security and privacy protocols.

Q: Can I Utilize A Free VPN Service For Accessing The Dark Web?

The dark web is already an unsafe place. On top of that, if one utilizes a free VPN service for accessing it, the consequences can be terrible. 

Free VPN services are recognized to neglect the privacy of their users frequently. They have frequently shared user information with 3rd parties.

In contrast, paid VPN services are a way to go since they’re backed by strict VPN protocols and strong military-grade encryption.

The Bottom Line:

Despite accounting for a considerable chunk of the web, accessing the dark web can be dangerous, particularly without a good search engine.

The majority of popular web search engines for the dark web can’t only assist you in navigating through the vast part of the dark web, but they can also assist in protecting privacy, keep you away from dangerous websites, and provide you with access to a large number of websites you cannot locate using traditional search engines.


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